DB-BEAD and jbead

DB-BEAD is a software to help you design bead crochet ropes. This technique is described in the book 'Bead Crochet Ropes' by Judith Bertoglio-Giffin.

A new and updated version of DB-BEAD is now available under the name jbead. This jbead program is backwards compatible, that means, you can read your old DB-BEAD files with it, but it contains many new features. It also will get updates from time to time, while DB-BEAD is deprecated and does not change anymore.

Find out all about jbead at www.jbead.ch.

DB-BEAD Download

Please consider upgrading to jbead, but if you need the original DB-BEAD, you can download it here: Download DB-BEAD

DB-BEAD Screenshot

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