DB-WEAVE Overview

DB-WEAVE is a software to help you design dobby loom patterns. It supports weaving such patterns on a variety of supported loom types (e.g. ARM Patronic). There are virtually no limits on size and complexity of the patterns. DB-WEAVE is powerful yet intuitively usable.

It runs natively on Microsoft Windows and can be run without problems on Linux using Wine or on the Mac using a Windows VM software (e.g. Parallels Desktop).

DB-WEAVE is free to download and use (freeware).

DB-WEAVE Download

Start the download by clicking: Download DB-WEAVE.

DB-WEAVE Screenshot

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DB-WEAVE Features


  • Number of warp and weft ends freely adjustable
  • Number of shafts and treadles freely adjustable
  • Cut, copy, paste, paste transparently
  • Mirror horizontal and vertical, rotate, invert, delete, roll
  • Find central-symmetry of selection
  • Increase and decrease slope of selection
  • Easily move shafts and treadles
  • Insert and delete warp and weft ends, shafts and treadles
  • Twill-completion
  • Easily create warp and weft lancee
  • 100-step undo and redo
  • Threading and treadling configurable: rising, falling, crossed, 2 choirs, 3 choirs, fixed and userdefined
  • Threading as treadling
  • Treadling as Threading
  • Mirror and delete threading and treadling
  • Invert and delete tie-up and pegplan
  • Restrict cursor to repeat
  • Insert predefined standard patterns
  • Define and insert up to ten user defined standard patterns


  • Easily usable with mouse
  • Fast and effective keyboard interface
  • Toolbar and context menus for accelerated usage
  • Important information is being displayed in the status bar and hence permanently visible


  • View is easily configurable. threading, treadling, warp and weft colors can be made invisible
  • 10-step zoom
  • Suppression of pattern or threading/tie-Up/treadling data
  • Three different views: draft, color and fabric
  • Different possibilities for displaying threading, treadling and tie-up
  • Overview mode
  • Support-lines assist in structuring your designs
  • Warp/weft ratio freely configurable


  • Flexible page configuration. Define page margins, header and footer
  • Print preview on screen
  • Automatic calculation of print range. Only the minimal required range gets printed.
  • Print range: You decide what to print


  • Two different color palettes are predefined. They can easily be changed
  • Per pattern there are 236 simultaneous colors possible. They can be chosen from up to 16 million colors.
  • Define colors with the HSV/HSB or the RGB color model.
  • Warp colors as weft colors
  • Weft colors as warp colors
  • Create color blending with weighting and variable number of steps
  • Set warp and weft color
  • Switch warp and weft colors
  • Replace a specific color


  • Tie-up and pegplan mode
  • Repeat and override of repeat for special effects
  • Automatic calculation of repeat
  • Lift out, binding and unbinding points for double and multiple weaves
  • Import pictures from BMP files
  • Export pattern to BMP files for further usage in Word or a graphic program
  • Block substitution with up to 9 substitution ranges
  • Range substitution with up to 9 substitution ranges
  • Drawing mode with line, rectangle, square, ellipse and circle tool
  • Nine independent ranges
  • Information like author, organisation and remarks are saved with the pattern.
  • Various pattern information like number of shafts, size of repeat, color, float and heddle statistics can be printed or exported in other programs
  • Templates for easy reusage of patterns and settings.
  • Usable with mouse and keyboard
  • Export to WIF format for easy pattern transfer
  • Three base settings: american, swiss, scandinavian


  • Weave your designs directly from the screen.
  • Repeating-mode, the defined range is endlessly repeated.
  • Single-mode, the defined range is once woven and then the program stops.
  • fivefold repeat-range with at most 9 repeats per range.
  • Invers weaving
  • Automatic scrolling
  • Easy configuration of your loom

Supported Looms

  • ARM Patronic
  • ARM Designer electronic
  • Generic SLIPS (experimental)


DB-WEAVE runs on any computer running Microsoft Windows. It requires very few resources and runs well even on older, less powerful machines.

The following operating system are supported: Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows NT, Linux with WINE, MacOSX with virtual machine running Windows.